One-of-a kind jewelry created by the late Fred H. Coxen, former exhibitions producer at Museum of Modern Art. Coxen sourced the beads personally in his travels, and strung by his own hand for personal recreation. "The Horseman" includes vibrant red opaque glass round beads, mud beads that appears to be from Africa, and a handsome sterling focal pendant that appears hand-cast from Asia. At a substantial 27" long, this necklace is suitable for a man or a woman. Easy hook & loop closure.

The Horseman

  • Limited pieces of this special handmade jewelry was donated to Fire Island Animal Welfare Society, thanks to a donor patron who acquired the items from Coxen's estate shortly after his death in 2000. Jewelry comes with no paperwork verifying its provenance, and determination of materials is our best guess only. Buy it because you love it!